Versioning Your Software Correctly : A Guide to Semantic Versioning

I don’t believe enough has been written towards understanding how software products are and should be versioned. I have always meant to read through proper documentation and understand semantic versioning but have procrastinated furiously. Today though, I took out the time to go through the documentation and I am writing this post to summarize what I’ve understood. Let this be a tldr; for the next project you're going to release, and how you're planning to version it.

There are three components to a project version name, with an additional extra component for test releases. There are as follows:
major-version.minior-version.patch with an additional optional dash-separated specifier for pre-releases, such as in: major-version.minior-version.patch-alpha.1. The following definitions would provide better understanding of what these terms actually mean:

  • major-version: a breaking release which is backwards incompatible
  • minor-version: a feature addition which maintains backward compatibility
  • patch: a bug fix, without any feature addition, and maintains backward compatibility
  • pre-release-specifier: the existence of a dash-separated pre-release-specifier tells your users that any given release might not be fully stable. It can be added to any release at any point, and the test-specifier in itself can have versions, indicated by semantic integer or other standing versioning protocols.
  • Having a 0 as your major-version tells users that the release is a development release and features might be broken.
  • In addition to semantic versioning and pre-release specifier, build metadata can also be added to version names by using a + at the end of the semantic name. Eg. 1.0.1-alpha.beta+0023

The examples listed below provide different scenarios of versioning:

  1. 0.1.33 - a development release, with an additional feature release and the 33rd bug-fix.
  2. 1.4.2-alpha.2 - a breaking release from the previous major-version (0), with the 4th backward compatible feature addition and 2nd bug-fix. Additionally, this is an alpha pre-release, with the pre-release version set at alpha.2 - the second backward compatible iteration over the pre-release. Note that version 1.4.3 would have higher precedence over 1.4.2-alpha.x.

The information covered here should be enough to get you started with semantic versioning without any gaping holes in your knowledge. If this interests you, I would suggest you go through the documentation of semantic versioning available at

Originally published at on January 3, 2021.

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